Executive Summary

Green Waste Energy (GWE) is a US-based developer of Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion (AREC) plants, and through it’s subsidiary, C6 Technologies, Inc., are the owners of a proprietary waste gasification technology, the C6 Technology. We will also license C6 Technology to third party developers. This process is capable of converting very diverse forms of waste into green electricity in a non-burn, non-polluting process. GWE has aggressively begun to develop AREC plants that employ the C6 Technologies in the US and overseas. Our business model is to build, own and operate Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion plants that transform waste into recyclable materials and green electricity.

GWE targets municipalities as well as island nations that are highly motivated to find solutions to their waste and energy problems; these could arise either due to a lack of landfill space or due to environmental concerns with waste disposal or energy generation. GWE is currently engaged in active negotiations with several municipalities in the US and overseas, and the government agencies of a number of Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, which have limited landfill space and suffer from power shortages.


GWE’s AREC plants take approximately 12 months to build; they are compact and have no unsightly smokestack or unpleasant odors. The plants operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all weather, providing green electricity that is sold as base load electricity.  A medium sized plant is able to convert 1,000 tons of MSW into approximately 440 Megawatt hours of green electricity each day, which is sufficient to power approximately 18,000 U.S. homes.

GWE’s plants derive revenue from:

 (1) “Tipping fees” from incoming waste

 (2) The sale of electricity

 (3) The sale of renewable energy credits (“RECs”) and carbon credits

 (4) The sale of recyclable materials


GWE has a worldwide license from C6 Technologies, LLC (C6T). The C6 Technology is fully modular and therefore easily scalable to handle any required quantities and composition of waste. The process does not incinerate waste. The patent-pending technology processes large volumes of waste to sterilize and extract recyclables, and convert the remaining feedstock in a non-burn, non-polluting process into usable forms of energy all “under one roof.” The technology is capable of processing all forms of municipal solid waste, construction debris, commercial waste, tires, etc.  It enables GWE’s plants to produce a high quality syngas for electric generation as well as create substantial renewable energy credits (“RECs”) and carbon credits.  GWE’s C6T technology meets and typically surpasses all US EPA, EU, and other critical emission standards.

As a key element of its implementation strategy, GWE has secured the services of Prestige Thermal Equipment of South Africa (PTE) as the sole manufacturer and systems integrator of C6T AREC plants. PTE is a 30 year-old, $500 million annual revenue global leader in thermal technology. Critical to this relationship is PTE’s unparalleled proven ability to construct, operate and maintain plants around the world.