An Award Winning Documentary Film “Trashed” by Jeremy Irons highlighting the extent and effects of the global waste problem.

Board of Directors

Ronald J. Rosa Sr.

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Co- Chairman Mr. Rosa is co-founder of GWE Inc. and C6 Technologies Inc. with a background in electrical engineering. Mr. Rosa is a successful entrepreneur and investor in numerous businesses. He has started and operated a number of successful businesses and is currently owner and managing director of a successful chain of restaurants in the northeast U.S.

He has a wealth of contacts in the local and national government and business communities in the US and excels at building key landowner and community relationships.

Howard L. Clark, Jr.

Vice Chairman 

Mr. Clark most recently served as Vice Chairman at Barclay’s Capital. Before that, he had a distinguished career at Shearson Lehman and then Lehman Brothers from 1990 to 2008 serving as Chairman and CEO and as Vice Chairman. Mr. Clark joined American Express in 1981 and later became CFO in 1985. Mr. Clark has served on numerous public and private company boards and board committees over the years.

He graduated from Boston University in 1967 and received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1968.

Mark Potgieter

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Potgieter is a co-founder of C6 Technologies Inc. and has over 20 years’ experience in thermal engineering. He has worked for PTE since 2000 on a range of thermal technology equipment and projects, and was previously Director of Sales & Marketing and is now Managing Director. Prior to PTE, he worked for PH Heat Treatment as production manager. 

His qualifications include IMM Higher Cert Mark, DMS Diploma Project Management, DMS Production Management, and IMM Diploma Marketing. 

Peter J. Cornell


Director Mr. Cornell is the President and CEO of several large real estate development companies in Albany, New York for the past 25 years including Pike Development Company, Cornell & Co and Cornell Development Corp. He specializes in creating real estate development and construction opportunities and has extensive knowledge in land use, zoning and environmental issues. He is also well-versed in broad range of traditional and innovative financing, state and federal economic development tax incentives.

Richard Bingham



Mr. Bingham is a co-founder of C6 Technologies Inc. and is considered one of the world’s top Thermal Technologists. He has been closely involved in the development, manufacture and optimization of thermal equipment across all industries for more than 30 years. He has worked for PTE or its predecessor companies since 1997 and completed over 175 projects for them around the world. Prior to PTE, he was at Efco Furnaces South Africa (Pty) Ltd from 1981, where he was Managing Director from 1986 to 1997.

Mr. Bingham abdicated as Managing Director of PTE in 2009 to enable him to focus on the Waste to Energy sector and provide a significant contribution to the management of GWE Inc. and C6T. He brings with him a substantial knowledge of the scientific and technical aspects of the technologies being employed and commercial experience in the implementation of numerous types of chemical engineering and thermal technology.

Christopher Hutton

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Hutton is Chairman of PTE and has been associated with PTE for more than 13 years as a non-executive director and has been involved with the development of PTE as a group. Mr. Hutton was also a director of Pyromet Technologies, now Tenova Pyromet, for over 24 years. During this time he has overseen the successful implementation of large capital projects on a worldwide basis. Mr. Hutton brings a wealth of technical, commercial and corporate experience to the PTE boar