Unlike old-fashioned mass-burn or incinerator facilities, our Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion centers do not burn and therefore do not pollute. The underpinning of the AREC plant is the patented C6 Technology, which employs an advanced form of gasification known as pyrolysis – an existing and proven technology. Pyrolysis is the thermo-chemical decomposition of material at elevated temperatures in an oxygen-deprived environment.

The C6 Technology can process a wide variety of waste and biomass streams to produce a clean, high calorific value gas, which is suitable for utilization in gas engines to generate green electricity. The technology has been successfully demonstrated both at the pilot, demonstration and commercial scale. The demonstrated yield and throughput results support our pro forma assumptions.


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The Advanced Recycling & Energy Conversion process consists of the following key steps, several of which are performed using C6T proprietary technologies:

    •Sterilize the incoming waste
    •Automatically remove the recyclable materials
    •Dry the remaining material to produce the feedstock, which is sent to the pyrolyzer
    •Pyrolyze feedstock in a non-burn process to produce a high calorific value synthetic gas (syngas)
    •Clean the syngas and send to engines
    •Generate clean electricity using gas engines
    •Clean the exhaust from the engine, pyrolyzer and dryer

The plant re-uses heat to minimize the energy needed to run the plant itself, resulting in a very efficient design. Water from the raw waste is also re-use.


C6 technology can process any type of waste that has a calorific value including:

    • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
    • Commercial & Industrial Waste
    • Hospital Waste
    • Wood Waste
    • Abattoir Waste
    • Toxic Waste (Exc. Nuclear)
    • Agricultural and Animal Waste
    • Sewage Sludge and Cake
    • Oil Sludge & Contaminated Oil
    • Tires